We Had a Date

I ordered the kids a pizza and we headed out. The King took me on a date.

First we took a subway to Columbus circle,

The King made some cigar selections……………….

The King bought Cigars

While he did that I went to see the naked people in the atrium…. Why is it only the males genitals that are shiny?Perhaps this NY Times article answers the question. Or maybe people just like to touch. There are many stories generated about these statues by Botero who seems to like the larger figured.

Then we went down the escalators to Wholefoods……. to buy groceries and chocolate and beer.

Whole foods is a huge organic and whole food supermarket chain. It’s a little more expensive but they have pretty good stuff. They also sell lots of ready prepared foods. It’s always packed when we go there. I don’t go there much anymore.

After that we headed back home on the subway……………Where the King paid the busking trombone player to serenade me with the Godfather theme……..New York is cool like that. We missed getting it the first time and it cost us a dollar to get him to do it again to film it.


We see so many strange things on the subway. Last weekend a teenage flash mob got on our subway car and did some hiphop song. A homeless guy with hospital tags still on his wrist joined in, singing Under the Boardwalk with them. Surprisingly it blended right in although I think he was a little inebriated.

Finally after leaving the subway, we selected some wine for the King’s consumption… I’m still not drinking, called into the butcher to get our order and arrived home with our spoils…..

Then I got to cook 🙂      BEST          DATE          EVER !


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