I was drying my hair the other morning and for those of you who know me, this is quite an event in itself. ( I don’t do it much). So there I am merrily working way in the bathroom, making noise, getting every strand smooth. You know the drill.

I’ve had this dryer now for a few years and it works fine. Occasionally when you plug it in it doesn’t go……….instant panic stations, I’ve finally washed my hair and the flipping dryer’s stuffed? Oh wait, so you have to push the reset button thingy. Oh good……

So I was ‘gettin’ er dun’ when I noticed the warning labels, I’ll admit I’ve never really noticed them before, all very official looking, with the normal warnings,  don’t use in  bathtub…. der, don’t leave unattended near a sink….. der. Don’t let children play with dryer near water…..der.



Then I flipped the tag over. WTF?

There it was printed in BIG RED LETTERS.

UMPLUG IT, they can’t be serious?  UMPLUG IT?

My poor little grammatical heart was beating so fast.
How could they let a product go out to consumers like this? How was this possible. Don’t they know they spelled it wrong? Who was the tester? What was his number? Where’s the little sticker. I need to know. He’s not doing his job. UMPLUG IT, umplug it, really?




And then I UMPLUGGED it and went on my way.

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