Twitter-Where you get to be a Smart Arse and People Actually Like It.

Twitter turned 7 this week. I was late to the party. Oh sure I had an account about 4 years ago but I never did anything with it. I didn’t really understand it. A bit like my new nemesis, Pinterest. But over the last year, since I started blogging, twitter has become my friend. It’s where my friends are, my other friends πŸ™‚ Not my IRL (In Real Life, well not everyone will know) friends, although some of those are on there too.

When you do this social media thing for a gig, then you pay attention to who follows you and when someone big follows then it’s exciting. I mean really exciting…

This happened a little while ago:

The Bloggess

THIS IS SERIOUS SHIT YO! There’s a happy dance involved ok don’t judge.

Then this little bugger follower me too. That was a happy, happy day! I was in the hairdresser and he was being a naughty little turd and so I told him off. Next thing….

The Honest Toddler


The Hairdresser didn’t understand… Whatevs.

And today I was minding my own twitterbusiness, nah I wasn’t, I was being a super smart arse! ….It was one of those days, you know when you’re on fire and smartarsery just spills out.

I woke the kids up singing and bouncing stuffed toys on their heads. Someone must have put something in my coffee, or I’m over tired… or both.

And this happened!

throat punch

This chick was one of the top Β 25 Circle of Moms… #3. That’s huge.. and she’s following me!

I got so excited, did another happy dance (it’s a thing) and spouted out some more smartarsery and then she said……

Throat punch's favourite


I can give up now and my life would be complete……




So see ya tomorrow then?



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  1. I too did a happy dance when The Bloggess and Honest Toddler started following me on Twitter. I am small potatoes compared to them, but I like being in a post with those two Titans of Twitter. Thanks!! You’re still my favorite today!

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  2. I have given up worrying about who follows me or not on twitter – over here Triberr is bad news, so anyone signed up to triberr will potentially get unfollowed by a mafia like group who insist we shouldn’t use it

  3. Yeah, Twitter is a huge stick of butta. I can complain, and I don’t have to worry that anyone IRL will want to talk to me about it later.

  4. Twitter is fun. I love it! I feel like it is the great equalizer of social media. I mean, you can chat with anyone.

    Interesting comments about triberr. I never unfollowed someone for using it. I just felt like I was getting spammed by my own blog. It was hard to have real conversations with people because I was missing things in my mention feed. After I left the tribes I did see a small decrease in blog traffic. I guess you have to give up one thing to get another.

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