Today in Pictures

We did so much today but I’m going to use the old saying ……..A picture is worth a thousand words and give you a few thousand to peruse.

First there was bringing the firewood down to the house. Grand Master D insisted on pushing the wood ladend barrow, rolling it 3 times on the way from the shed to the house. But the chivalry was not lost on MA.

Then we went to visit my auntie and uncle. He has a panel shop and she runs the little store next door. I did this sign about 25 years ago, it’s had a touch up but it’s still there.

And this one 🙂

The kids found the race car

and proceeded to act out their own Talladega Nights………

They spent a good hour taking turns. Miss Gremlin is waiting her turn by playing on her ipod 🙂

After driving up an appetite, Miss Gremlin helped make the lunch.

On the move to another visit, we came across a real life AFL footy ground and had to spend quite some time there. They both loved it. The whole ground to themselves, kicking goals and having a blast… It was topped off by the fact it was the local Magpies ground and both Grand Master D and Miss Gremlin being die hard Collingwood Magpies supporters, it was a fitting ground for a kick.

To finish off the day, Grand Master D and Miss Gremlin ditched us and spent the rest of the afternoon at their cousin’s house and went off to taekwondo with them.

Someone seems to be on a losing punch here!

Don’t mention the article, I mentioned the article once, I think I got away with it 🙂

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