There’s a Predator in Our Park

Warning- Take Care- Beware

There’s a predator in Central Park. Up our end too. There have been warnings posted all over the news. This predator hides and waits for his victims. There have been many attacks. Poor unsuspecting victims. It’s quite a problem. The authorities have patrols sweeping the northern end of the park. People are on alert, they’re afraid, very afraid. When you go in the park you want to feel safe, you deserve to feel safe. It’s part of the Central park experience… but right now it’s not safe. Especially for the young, small and vunerable.

The authorities are trying to contain the hysteria, nobody wants a panic in any city park but this predator is scary. This morning I walked in the park. I was nervous. I worried that Sir Lickalot or even myself were in danger. But how could you feel unsafe in this tranquil place?

harlem meer 2


What scary bad thing could possibly lurk here? In a place where sitting by the water is so peaceful and thought provoking. The thought of our leisurely morning walks being interrupted by a beast is unacceptable!

Harlem meer


But that’s just what’s happened. We now walk a little faster and hold our loved ones a little closer. There’s less meandering and more spring in our step, for fear of an attack of this horrid predator. The warning signs are there… are the media warnings . This monster is dangerous in the water and on land!




predator fish


And here’s the reason, wouldn’t you be afraid of this?


snakehead fish

we’re all afraid….Especially when it can also survive and move on LAND…and grow large enough to attack a dog or small child!*

snakehead fish walking

Consider this you public service announcement- you’ve been warned.


*I have no idea if it would attack a dog or a child but whose willing to risk it? Not me.




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  1. Oh my gosh! So creepy! I wonder if someone decided to release it there…that’s the only way it would’ve gotten in the water at the park, no? How rude!

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