The post When everything happens at Once

So the last 2 weeks have been a crazy whirlwind. Frantic would also describe it. Mother’s Day and Chess nationals happened and then the inlaws arrived. Bearing all manner of goodies, we spent a great week doing City tourist stuff, walking the highline,  home through Central park in the drizzling rain after dinner. I may have made My Lord Dr King buy me an umbrella :P.

We restauranted in Williamsburg and in Harlem and just enjoyed the visit.

School is super crazy busy with end of year activities and end of elementary school activities, senior trips, graduations and new school orientation visits. It’s always a busy time.

Then throw in the fun of an ER visit and some broken ribs! My Lord Dr King is fine, fun colours but well enough to go to LA to do his official duties as Dean of Technology, wait what? Oh don’t ask…….and the Princess graduated.

Tomorrow My Lord Dr King flies home to go to see Billy Joel. That’s exciting, Madison Square Garden, record residency and the kids first actual concert. Tuesday he’s going back to LA for business.

I feel exhausted just listing it. Actually writing about it all makes my brain hurt.

Life is busy.


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