The Healthcare Debacle and Why it has to Change

Coming on the heels of the most horrific tragedy in America, perhaps more will be discussed about the sad state of the health care system in this country. Of course guns will be first and foremost in the conversation, as they should be, but there are always other pieces to the puzzle.

When profit is put before the wellbeing of people, which it is done thousands of times daily by insurance companies, then we have a real problem.

Over and over again you hear arguments from outsiders saying ‘Our country can do this, why can’t you?’ And its a good question. I think it can be done. The entire system needs an overhaul and the health insurance and pharmaceutical lobbies need to be stopped as much and the gun lobbies. Politicians should have to wear sponsor suits like race car drivers, so you can see where they get their money. Then you could really make an informed decision when you vote. It’s a theory… it could work.

You can’t have a society where young people can’t get access to affordable birth control and then stop them from having affordable terminations if they choose. Make the prevention cheap enough so that the widely debated abortion issue is unnecessary. Prevention is always better than the cure. Nobody wants to have to make those choices or decisions. Ask any mother who has had to and they will tell you how much it pained.

Let’s look at a situation where you lose a loved one in an accident or an illness. If, for example, you become a widow, you’re whole life is changed and you’re grieving. How much more difficult is that process when you have the financial worries of paying for your passed husband’s medical bills, often thousands of dollars, you’re already looking for thousands to bury him!

I think it is shameful.What about the family whose child was injured in a car accident and dies later at hospital, what an insult to then receive a bill from the hospital and the ambulance that carried him there!

I don’t know to fix the issues, but we must try and there are other countries that could advise and help with these problems. Our children, our elderly, our veterans…… the entire population deserves access to free healthcare. The children deserve to feel safe in school. The elderly deserve to be cared for well, they’ve earned it.

When will the government of this country do the things for Americans that other countries do for their citizens?

This is supposed to be the best country in the world. It’s not, and there’s a lot of work to do.

I love living here, but being an outsider, I can see some of the problems that can be fixed. I’ve lived where it happened, in my lifetime….

But hey, what do I know? I’m not American. I’m just a lowly Australian, where healthcare is free and there are no longer gun massacres.



Healthcare in Australia   How we fare around the world.

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  1. My shameful secret: In the last 10 years, I’ve probably only had health care coverage for 3 of them. And not all together. The system is ridiculous. You have to have a good job to get health care (which is still exorbitantly expensive) or you pay ungodly premiums for bad insurance. No thanks.

  2. I think the access to good healthcare is a big part of the problem. My insurance doesn’t cover anything to do with mental health or any drugs related to mental health. My insurance doesn’t cover pregnancy, it’s actually considered a preexisting condition, like a disease.

    How are parents supposed to help their kids when insurance doesn’t cover anything? How are parents supposed to stay healthy without good healthcare? It’s a disaster and even when you have a job you can’t always afford the premiums.

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  3. When I lost my job at the end of May last year, I also lost my health insurance. I couldn’t afford to and didn’t want to pay for the private health insurance that they try to get you to buy, which doesn’t cover anything, by the way (my husband had it until we could no longer afford to pay the premiums.) My husband was in school after working many years in the same factory, which closed, and then another factory after that, which closed. He’s done with school, and has a full time job with insurance. Now that I have health insurance again, I tried to get help for things I had put off for so long without insurance. It’s all considered a preexisting condition! So much for having health insurance. It’s all a big racket. Things need to change!

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      To be honest, we have only had it once for about 8 months. But we didn’t even use it. We go to the doctor only for necessary things and so far in the last 7 years, touch wood we haven’t had any emergencies

  4. I am constantly questioning why we don’t move back to Bivtoria to raise our son. I pay WAY too much for our healthcare, and have no desire to even put my son in daycare. I pray for my country because its going to take divine intervention to fix the issues in a timely manner.

  5. I’m so glad we have free healthcare over here! That said though, if you do have a problem and need specialist care, it’s not free, nor is it covered by private health insurance (which is ridiculous, what is the point of private health insurance if it doesn’t actually cover stuff?). For example, Hannah has to see a cardiologist on occasion to monitor the hole in her heart and every time we go in we have to pay $285 with no medicare rebate and no coverage from our private health fund. How to people who have serious heart problems afford to see their specialist all the time?

  6. I am currently dealing with medical issues and lost my job earlier this year because I am unable to do my job. I have medical insurance but even with it the costs of major surgery or procedures is still hard for people to come up with, especially if you live on a tight budget. I thought Americans were going to end up getting access to more affordable medical care, but it seems like costs still keep rising. It’s a frustrating battle.

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