Television=Awesome Dance Moves….. At Least In Our House

Miss Gremlin is a funny little thing, she loves this ad, even does her own dance.
She has a slight tv addiction. No, scrap that, she is totally hooked.

This is a real problem, not only in our house but the world over. Kids are spending too much time on electronics, playing video games or watching tv. We had a conversation with the kids last night and they couldn’t believe that tv turned off at 10pm or that we didn’t have 100’s of channel, only 4 when we were kids. Cartoons only showed on Saturday  mornings. They were totally astounded that there weren’t any videos or DVD’s either.

There are countless statistics and plenty of reasons to turn off but let’s face it , we’re all guilty of the easy way out in parenting, occasionally. If the kids are getting on your nerves, let them watch tv, even if they’re watching for too long, they’re quiet and not bothering you right?
It’s wrong but sometimes we just need our own time-out.

If nothing else Miss Gremlin has learned to cut some mean dance moves!

I blame the M&M’s ad….. not my lax television parenting skills 🙂

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