Talking Sex Again? More Like Definitions of Sex

Ok this week I have come across three things worthy of mention. Firstly I had to tell the King what pasties were. Which is pretty funny considering… Oh he knew what they were just not the name because pasties to us are, meat and vegetable filled pastries like pies. Imagine how confusing that would be visiting OZ or England and seeing a sign outside for pies and pasties!

You see my point. However, google the word and the confusion continues!



He was totally cool with nipple tassles, and I’m in agreement. Perfect name.

Anyway… that somehow set the tone of my radar and thing just kept popping up.

Next thing I see is a post about steel balls you insert into your hoo haa to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. Now I’m all for strengthening body  parts and seriously I would love to not ‘stop and hold’ to sneeze and once again enjoy the freedom of bouncing on a trampoline. I do my kegels, when I remember, but these bad boys are used by the geishas… so you know they’ve been time tested. Here’s the deal, you need to be able to keep them in for 10 minutes aday. In the hilarious post I read, the post woman was lucky to make it a minute the first day but as practice makes perfect, within a week she had improved.

I think I’m gonna go for it… Thoughts?

And then as if my mind wasn’t blown enough I came across something called Karezza sex.

Wikipedia says this:

 “… Karezza signifies ‘to express affection in both words and action,’ and while it fittingly denotes the union that is the outcome of deepest human affection, love’s consummation, it is used technically throughout this work to designate a controlled sexual union.” So that in practice, according to Stockham, it is more than just self-control, but mutual control where the penetrative partner helps the receptive partner and vice versa. According to Stockham this is the key to overcoming many difficulties encountered in trying to control sexual expression on an individual basis.[5] Stockham’s contribution was to apply this same philosophy of orgasm control to women as much as to men. A form of birth control, the technique also prolongs sexual pleasure to the point of achieving mystical ecstasy, according to J. William Lloyd, a practitioner of Karezza, whose own experience of cosmic consciousness appears in Cosmic Consciousness, a book written by the Canadian psychiatrist Richard M. Bucke, a friend of the American poet Walt Whitman.[6] In this practice, orgasm is separated from ejaculation, making possible enjoyment of the pleasure of sexual intercourse without experiencing seminal ejaculation, while still experiencing orgasm.


So now you know, it’s like tantric and other stuff where it’s all about touching without the orgasm. Sure maybe an orgasm at the end of a lot of touching and kissing and caressing etc.

So all for keeping it spicy, I mentioned it to the King last night, now remember, we’re still laughing about pasties, so when I suggested sex without orgasm the poor man’s eyes rolled so hard I know he had to have injured himself. But I pressed on, like a good wife should, explaining that it’s the connection and the touching and the kissing and when it gets too hot and heavy you stop and slow down and start again etc…And then he had his lightbulb moment!

‘Oooohh, you mean like sex in the ads?’ sigh, ‘Yes, like sex in the ads’

And THAT my friends is what I deal with on a daily basis.

But it’s good to know nothing is new to us, we know all the kinky tricks, we just have different names for it.

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  1. Very cool post. I call those balls the \”fifty shades of grey\” balls. Have you read that book — a fictional book about kinky sex? It is not well written. Anyway, the balls are great to loosen kegal muscles or (forget conventions) and give yourself some pleasure. 😉

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