It takes How Long to get Home?

We made it, we got through a month of My Lord Dr King being away in Australia.

We’ve had numerous snow storms, illnesses, a vacation week, and temperatures so cold that it’s actually dangerous to be outside.

We minimally cooked and had take out, we slept in, we consumed lemon and honey, we played wii and board games. There was sledding and sleepovers and movies and school and the sickness circulated. We only left when we had to.

We watched as My Lord Dr King reconnected with the homeland and all the people who wanted to see him, business doors were opened and family bonds were strengthened.  Not to mention the skin he left on Dead Man’s Hill. 🙂


The Homefront got a little messy but we enjoyed each other and now as we anticipate his re-entry, there’s a little straightening up to do. 🙂 . We’ve got time.

It’s a long way,  I don’t envy the trip. He’s flying from Perth to Sydney today so he doesn’t have to over night and make the already long trip even longer. Starting from Perth is hard. It’s the complete opposite side of the world. My Lord Dr King’s mum once commented it was the furthest away he could go. Oops. I’m sure he didn’t mean it 🙂

We did it once, the red eye from Perth. The flight arrives in Sydney at 6 am and the longhaul to Los Angeles leaves at 10am. After 14 hours flying time you arrive in LA to clear custom with bags and recheck to fly another 5 hours to NYC.

It’s a really long way. There are good trips and bad trips. Mostly you just do it. Sometimes you get an entire row, sometimes not. Sometimes you get diverted due to weather. Once we were wheels down to LA and then powered up and landed in Vegas, sitting on the tarmac from 3 hours unable to deplane. The delays make it worse. I hope the weather behaves.

But he’s on his way, and we are ready. You can tell the kids are getting excited. I doubt he’s brought them gifts or goodies because he only took a carry on bag. (who does that? for a month, to Australia )But they don’t care, Dad will be home. Miss Gremlin was watching videos of him from his website and Grand Master D wants to go out board dogging with his Dad.

A month is a long time when your Dad is here all the time, these kids are lucky to have their dad around all the time. Working from home has its pitfalls but I couldn’t imagine how different our lives would be if My Lord Dr King commuted. It’s good to be around for your teens if you can do it. I’m glad he can.

We’ve been talking on facebook messenger and using facebook for most of the trip, no phone calls but a couple of video chats for the kids. The time different makes it harder.

He’s been travelling and I’ve been here. A month is a long time for us to be apart, so I expect to be busy for a few days, you know how it goes.

He knows I waxed, it’s cold….. 🙂

Only 36 hours to go. There better be timtams 🙂

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  1. That IS a long time to be away from you guys. I’ll bet he’s missed you all like crazy. And wow – that’s a hella long time to be on a plane. The longest plane trip I’ve done was New York to London. Happy Homecoming to Lord Dr. King! PS…What are tim tams?

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