The Sun came out and we tried to fit all the Exercise in

The sun came out on the weekend and the temperature rose above freezing,  just but we weren’t gonna let that stop us. My Lord Dr King was away all February and we basically hibernated like bears. So it was time to dust off the skateboards and running shoes and get outside.

The kids love that Dad gets out with them on the skateboards, I’m not that adventurous but My Lord Dr King bought me some new kind of weird roller skates in the hope that I could go along. We have a current system, they take off on the boards and I track them on my phone and run to them. They skate, I run, and it works pretty well.

So Saturday, they took off on the boards, I walked the dog because he can’t really come with us and then went out to find them. I ran for about 40 mins into Central Park with all the other runners and finally found them on the terrace near Bethesda fountain where there’s a great area for boarding. They took the roller skates out too to try them out. When I got there they decided I needed to have a go. Being a roller skater from way back in my teens, I was happy to try. But my teens were a very long time ago and I haven’t been on them since.

Here’s how that went:

I’m not really sure if he wants me to be with them or he’s trying to kill me and collect the insurance. I’m going with option one because we don’t actually have option two 🙂

Over all I ran 6 miles. That’s basically couch to 6 miles in one day… Ouch.

Yesterday and today I’m walking like an old lady in need of a couple of hip replacement. Last night he loving said to me, “Well at least I know what you’ll look like when you’re an old lady”.


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