Stop the World I Wanna Get Off!

I swear it’s a world gone mad, in the last month this country has suffered enough tragedy to last a lifetime. The Newtown shooting is the biggest tragedy making international news, although the same week there was another mall shooting in Ohio.

That same week in the NYC we had a random subway pushing, some crazy guy just pushed a stranger into the path of an oncoming train. This is very unusual, sure people suicide semi-regularly but a random act of agression is very uncommon indeed.

Last night it happened again, this time a crazy woman pushed a man into the oncoming train. It’s just incredible that these things are going on……What’s causing this desperation? These random acts of evil? Is it the beginning of the End?

On Christmas Eve, a lunatic set fire to his house, called 911 and lay in wait to ambush the fire fighters. He shot at them, 2 died…who does that?

Last night 2 high school girls were shot outside a school gymnasium after a basketball game.

When will all this end?

I am appalled at the things that are happening. Nowhere is safe. It feels like it’s time to go off the grid and stay away from people…..ALL people because who do you trust? When you can’t stand in a subway anymore minding your business and be safe, or go to school or shop, then we’re lost………

America, I feel sorry for you, all this violence and desperation, the fiscal cliff, the natural disasters…..You’ve lost your way, I hope you can find the path again and climb back to super power status because right now you’ve lost your crown.


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