Stood Up For Lunch…..And Not for the First Time.

Yesterday was Sunday, my only real sleep in, do nothing day. Being such I really guard my relaxation day. I don’t like to share. This week however The King invited some church friends for lunch. They’re not what you’d call close friends but more friendly acquaintances. It has been trying to happen for a while he said, this coming from the man who forgets guests are coming until the doorbell rings or brings them home with him on the subway without a heads up. I’m used to it. I get pissy but I manage to work though it quickly and be the gracious hostess. (Even if only in my head sometimes)

It was Sunday, my rest day, which I’m mentioning again because, why not!  The laundry pile was up to the light switch again. The floors had that nice fluffy sheen to them. So like a good hostess does, I got up at 7:30 and began the task of getting everything set. The King mentioned 1pm as the luncheon time  the night before but he’s loose with time, using it as only a suggestion for anything he does. He never even adheres to his own timings. The man would be late to his own funeral. How he catches planes astounds me.

Anyway I had my work cut out. Clean the house, fold the clothes, shop and cook something fabulous. I plowed through the morning before anyone was even up. On my second cup by the time the kids surfaced, my third when the King came looking for breakfast. Which he wisely made himself.

During this time I received a txt form a visiting Aussie girl, a friend of the family, who is working in the US for a year. She was in town and wanted to stop by say Hi. Naturally, the thing to do was invite her for lunch, we were already having guests, one more wouldn’t matter.  It was set, now there’d be 7 for lunch.

I chose something simple yet yummy in the way of chicken schnitzel, garlic roasted potatoes and steamed broccoli.  Quickly, I crumbed the chicken, cut the potatoes and got it all in the oven. With time to spare I vacuumed the floors and put the last of the clothes away.

Our young Aussie friend arrived on time.We chatted, had another coffee and waited for the other guests.

I really turned it on! Sunday lunch, lace tablecloth, napkins..extra panels in the table… the works!

As the food got closer to being ready and the time passed 1 o’clock, I asked the King did he think they’d be long? This is where he confessed they didn’t make a fast time, he just assumed 1pm to be a good lunch time and that church finished at 12:30 so it made sense. (Insert eye roll here) Ok then, so we waited, the food in the warmer and the table all set. Then it was 2pm  and we were all getting hungry, it was then I remembered I didn’t have breakfast so I was really hungry. We waited a little longer and looked for their phone number to check what was happening. By 2:30 we decided to go ahead and eat, there was plenty of food and surely they weren’t far away but perhaps something went array.

I felt a little strange eating lunch without our guests but we had one guest and that was going well. I was expecting to get caught and felt embarrassed that we started without them.

But then it happened. Half way through the meal, around 3 o’clock, the King received a txt……….

Oops! We just got home… totally forgot.

And that was that! We laughed a little, felt weird a little and tried to wonder what happened. The King went through the conversation they’d had THE NIGHT BEFORE. They were coming because he needed the King’s some help with something. It was arranged the day before, not a week out where you might forget.

As things go in this house, that’s by no means the worst that’s ever happened and we’re pretty liquid with our plans, there was enough food for all and we had a lovely Sunday lunch albeit  2 guests short. We got extra cinnamon rolls each so that was a bonus.

It’s not the first time we’ve been stood up and it really didn’t matter, the food was good the house was clean and we walked in the park after lunch with the Aussie. Who could ask for a better day and to top it off there’s left overs for  breakfast. And I love left overs!

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  1. I had already forgotten the title of the post by the time I got to the end, so it was actually a surprise when they stood you up. I think it was more fun that way.

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  2. Ok first of all… “he’s loose with time, using it as only a suggestion for anything he does. He never even adheres to his own timings. The man would be late to his own funeral. How he catches planes astounds me.” This HAS GOT to be an Aussie thing, I have said the same about Adam… almost exactly!

    Second, I would be dropping fbombs all over the house! Good on you for getting everything done, and seeing the bright side.

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