Stocking Stuffer Ideas – For Those Special People in Your Life

Stuff The King found on the internet last night, when he was supposed to be doing important busy work…… and sent to me…..

I know,  I rolled my eyes too.

            A yodelling pickle?

Bacon bandages…….so the dog can bite you AGAIN.

The Bullshit button.…….who doesn’t need this? I wonder if it has a limit on pushes per day.

What the f**k time is it?  I would be late…… every. single. time. I’ll admit Math is not my strong suit.

Racing Grannies for the person who has everything….We’re totally buying these for the kids.

Shut the hell up chewing gum for whoever you might think needs it. Pass it around the office Christmas party!

Asshole repellent no explanation required… better buy 2.

Irish accent mouth spray because why not!


And then I made him stop…..Happy stocking stuffing.




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  1. I was THIS close to buying those bacon bandaids for the husband’s birthday last summer…
    For a minute there I was worried you were going to give us some practical shopping tips … 😉

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