Paleo Dinner

We cooked brussel sprouts, sweet potato fries and steak with slow cooked onions last night for some company. It was bedlam in the kitchen, the King even pushed me out of the way, pushed. How rude.He said it was to save me from his path but…… Anyway I digress. He cooked the steak, set off the smoke detector…. (standard) and we ate a lovely meal. They drank too much but it was hump day after all.

Oh, and the desserts our company brought were devine and oh so NOT paleo but I just had a sliver.

Here’s what I did.

Cut up the biggest sweet potato ever grown into fry like pieces, coated with olive oil, put in oven at 380f.

Chopped brussel sprouts into 4’s and sauteed them in a little oil, when they were almost done I added a handful of craisins and half a cup of chopped walnuts. Then I drizzled honey on them and a big splash of balsamic. I stirred until heated through and served.

I didn’t photograph the steak, didn’t want to be pushed again 😛 but here’s my dishes.

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