The Outlaws Came to Town

Whenever we come home, we have to make the rounds to the family, we’re spread all over and that makes for lots of internal travel for us which is expensive. So for the last few years My Lord Dr King’s mum, sister and niece take a little vacay time and come east to visit us, we’ve done Sydney, we’ve done the Gold Coast beaches and we’ve done my home town and got the families together for the first time… It was overdue so it was great, this time I tried for the sun, surf and theme parks, with the kids older and braver I thought it would be more fun, but work got in the way and the outlaws are coming to town again, so we get to have our special brand of family get togethers, my mum, my mother and sister in law and My Lord Dr King’s ex wife, the princess’ mum… It’s times like these that My Lord Dr King is glad for not making the trek. But that’s how it goes sometimes when you live half way round the world, he tried but this time it didn’t work.

So we didn’t lose the airfare he’s booked for early next year, and that my friends will be quite the homecoming!

We have been blessed by lovely weather and spent a great day in the park on the flying fox and awesome new playground equipment…followed by a cutthroat game of ten pin bowls and the quintessential pub lunch.

Over lunch the talk turned to going to the snow and the kids were excited to go, I excused myself, I do NOT need to drive up to the Australian snowfields thank you very much. The kids will had an awesome time. The experience was very different for them than the snow on the terrace and sledding in the park.

It’s why we have Aunties, from the stories they told, it’s hard to tell who was the biggest kid!

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