Never Forget Anything Ever Again

How many times do you go to the store for 2 things and walk out with 10 bags? Or it’s grocery day and you’ve forgotten your list, and come home missing at least 5 things? THIS. IS. MY. LIFE.  friends. Every single time. I’m hopeless at it. Someone needs to do my groceries for me, or at least remind what I need so I can just run into the store and grab it as I’m passing by. Imagine how easy that would make the your shopping life, well the grocery shopping part anyway. Actually, just errands in general.

Don't Forget Your ListSo imagine my delight when I came across this app, Don’t Forget Your List. It’s an app which you put in all your items required and then attach them to a store. When you get near that store it will pop up and remind you, so if you want to get those items you’re right there. You can decide when it reminds you, for example as you’re driving by or pulling into the parking lot or even a mile away to jog your memory that you need to stop in and get your supplies. You’ll never forget anything ever again!

I have it set for parking lot, the closest I can. (I live it the city) no driving required and so far I’ve remembered to shop every time. It’s simple to use and you can customise the alerts to get the most reminders you need to get those items on your list.You can even put obscure things in the app and attach it to a hardware store! I have paint on my list because eventually I want to finish that kitchen paint job, now every time I go past the hardware I get a reminder. It’s brilliant! That job will finally get done this weekend!

Every item stays on the list until you check it off so you will be prompted regularly. If you don’t have time or choose not to go shopping that time you simply ignore the reminder and go about your day. Don’t Forget Your List will remind you next time anyway. I love this app and I use it all the time. You sould try it, you’ll be amazed at how much you ‘remember’ to do.


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  1. This is me. I’ve been so busy throughout the day that I tend to forget some memories. I even list down my activities for the day, month or year. However, there are instances when I still forgot my list. This only suggests that I am vulnerable to amnesia; hopefully it won’t be that way.

  2. Oh, I’m downloading now! I usually just use my notepad on my iphone, but this is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

    I hope you will link up with me at for my TGIF Blog Hop!

    Have a great weekend!


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