My Handy Man Can- A Home Improvements Guide…. Aussie Style

When stuff breaks in your house, it’s usually all at once right? Well we’ve reached the 8th year mark in our city dwelling and so far we’ve really replaced nothing, except the washing machine and microwave. They were last Christmas and Easter gifts to the family. Last week we lost a toilet and a kitchen faucet (tap) and so like all good addicts we headed for Amazon to replace them. But because we are who we are, we don’t do replacement, we do enhancement and so we got the ‘you beaut’ super duper arse flossing, jet flush of toilets and the awesome no touch sensor, 3x the price, kitchen water dispenser. I’m not even gonna try explaining that to the cleaner. I think charades will work just fine 😛 Swipe on , swipe off.

Friday night was designated replacement time, because when else do you do home improvements but as the hardware stores close around the city.

The following is a mostly pictorial account of the events of friday night. The toilet installation went surprisingly well and was completely operational within an hour.

toilet Collage

The kitchen sink faucet installation, while still successful, was more difficult and so the help of an assistant and beer was required. When you get an instruction booklet 10 pages long you know shit is gonna get real.

aussie home improvement

Dismantling things that have been in place for many years is often the most difficult. Add cramped quarters and you’ll likely to hear rather colourful language from the man doing the work. Having an assistant near by to administer beer is an important ingredient.



Consuming beer while doing handy things is the Australian way…..

thirsty work


the hook up

tight fit


After several beers and some serious sweating, we have a functioning unit with which to dispense water, hands free!

new tap


It’s amazing how awesome it is but now I am forgetting to turn off the bathroom tap when I’ve finished washing hands… Oh how quickly we adjust to the finer things in life.

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  1. That there is some nice shit! We have a hired hand that comes by once a week to do our yard and then fixes all the shit that needs repairs. So basically as long as I can dial and write out a check we are good to go. Glad you got your own on retainer too;)

  2. Jealous beyond belief. I told my husband we would save a TON of money in dish soap if we got a hands-free sink, because I have to waste half a bottle of soap on the handles every time I handle raw chicken and don’t have the forethought to turn the sink on first. I have salmonellaphobia apparently. Nicely done!

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