Manners, free to give away ….. barely used.

Where have our manners gone? Are they not being taught anymore? People are so rude, so ignorant and quick to push in front. What’s the deal? Have we become so busy and so stressed that we don’t have the time to say please and thank you? It’s quite disgusting. I stand in take-out stores here in Harlem all the time and people push in front of you and then say to the cashier… “Gimme……” whatever they’re ordering. It’s so rude. They treat the server like dirt. I often say please when they finish, mostly if it’s kids cos I don’t wanna get bashed or shot but it’s really bad. 🙂

People will cut in front of you walking down the street, in queues, just about anywhere. They bump into you and push you out of the way in some instances. Just look at the black friday sales to see the bad behaviour.

The other day I was going into the bank, it was Sunday so the doors were locked and you have to swipe your card for them to open. It had just started raining and 3 people were trying to get in out of the rain. They were clearly not bank customers but were going to use the vestibule as shelter. Firstly I had to say excuse me so I, a bank customer, could gain access. When I swiped my card they pulled the door open and pushed infront of me! So rude. No thank you or holding the door or anything. Now I don’t expect any special treatment but that was downright unacceptable. Then upon my exit, these riffraff were again blocking the door. So I very loudly said excuse me and they again walked out infront of me. While they were in the bank they were cursing up a storm, there were others in there using the machines and myself , with Miss Gremlin. I’m no prude, I say rude words too but do try not to infront of children. These people couldn’t have cared less.Very disappointing people.

Now please tell me, what’s with the spitting? It drives me crazy! People just spit right on the ground infront of you all the time. Even well dressed women walking in their heels and beautiful dresses. It’s the most perplexing thing. It’s so gross, yet so common. I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing or not but I find extremely offensive. It all just makes me glad to escape for the summers.

I will continue to be thoughtful and caring and polite and well mannered and teach my children the same. Perhaps, perhaps it may even rub off. One can only hope.

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