And then We made a Brick wall

If you’ve followed here at all then you know, nothing stays the same for very long, we’re always moving furniture, painting walls, changing things around, acquiring pianos… well you get the idea.

We’ve always loved exposed brick, we had it in other houses and we’ve been talking about how to do it here for years. We finally went searching last week for ways to make a feature wall in the apartment. We searched on Amazon, naturally because we don’t every shop anywhere else unless we are forced. Yes we have a problem, whatever, moving on. Β It arrived in the usual way and Saturday was make a brick wall day.

photo 2 (5)

Before the bricking

We cleared everything off quickly and washed the wall. Amazing how much dust accumulates behind the pictures and got to work. Unfortunately this was real wallpaper which required glue. A little messier but it was fine.

A brick like substance

A brick like substance

I’m not going to describe the step by step… It’s wall paper, put the glue on the back and stick it on the wall BOOM! Oh just make sure you match up the pieces.

It's time for the grey to go. (sounds like my hair)

It’s time for the grey to go. (sounds like my hair)

And let's begin

And let’s begin


photo 1 (7)

3 pieces up

photo 2 (6)

And 4

photo 3 (7)

adding the bottom row

photo 4 (7)

Those windows were a bastard


Almost done….

photo 1 (8)

Really looking good


photo 2 (7)

Night time, we’ve been at this a while.

photo 4 (8)

now to put the pictures back


photo (11)

looks great

Fancy aren’t we? it took all day, there were a couple of hiccups and the 2 packets didn’t match up as a continual piece so there was a join we couldn’t make match but we covered it with pictures πŸ™‚ we’re clever like that. Can you tell?

All in all a really spectacular result and at $100, very cost effective. Can we DIY or what?


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  1. I love this so much it hurts.
    I want to do this exact thing in our home but I don’t know how to wallpaper.
    They do have faux brick panels at Lowes so maybe I will try that.

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