Look Who’s Coming to Visit Now!

Harlem is quite the place for filming. The NYC film Corporation makes sure that we get our fair share… It’s nothing to have different streets blocked off every week. Someone is always up here. Law and Order SVU are the usual suspects, I guess their story lines lend themselves to our area. They set up around the kids school pretty regularly. So it’s nothing strange to walk home through the set and see Mariska Hargitay, Christopher Meloni and Ice T just hanging out on their chairs between takes as we walk  by, close enough to reach out and touch.

One time I was in Australia visiting, and an SVU episode came on featuring Morningside park and the kids school … it was very strange but also kinda fun…I walk Sir Lickalot there and it’s on tv across the other side of the world!

We’ve had many other productions, including Rescue Me, who set fire to a building across the street one evening. The whole neighbourhood was our watching that one!
It’s never boring…
When we first moved here, we had location scouts for Law and Order SVU check out our apartment for possible filming but it wasn’t suitable at that time.

This week we have White Collar moving into the ‘hood. The signs are up… so don’t park there Wednesday or you’ll get towed.

White Collar Production notice

We’ll go out and scout the location and walk nonchalantly by the set to get a glimpse …. because why not?


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  1. For a glimpse of Matt Bomer (from White Collar), I would sit on that curb until my butt was numb. I never see celebrities when I visit NYC 🙁

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  2. Oh, that is TOTALLY cool! They filmed “Everyone Loves Whales” in my home town right after we left. I heard from friends that it basically consumed almost everyone in town until they wrapped up filming. I’d have to get over my fear of strangers before I could start stalking celebrities. 😀

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