Long Weekend Fun

Yesterday we went to Coney Island. Haven’t been there in a few years. Certainly not since Hurricane Sandy had the place 10 ft under water. It was fun and so easy. I love that you can get on a train from Manhattan and boom you’re at the beach for $2.25 a head. The subway is cool like that. Ok so we won’t talk about the noisy ass toddlers and their mother’s who decided to give them pop tarts just after Master 3 announces that although he loves pop tarts, they make him so crazy because of the sugar! Smart kid… I guess that’s what happens when babies have babies. Anyway we made it to the end of the line without bloodshed. The King had the most amazing self control *giggle*.

We found ourselves a nice area on the sand, and everyone headed to the water. I played guard to the stuff. I wasn’t in any rush to go into that water, call me blue water and golden sand spoiled but it was really brown and murky looking. Blech.coney island

Queue mister whistle-blower life saver behind my head … it’s like he was placed there just to aggravate. No wonder the space was clear πŸ™‚ He had whistle-blowing tourettes too. Anyway he made friends with us because we were sitting on our Aussie towels. He loved Australia, spent a year in Melbourne and loved the beer and footy πŸ™‚ It’s all that saved him from having that whistle shoved down his throat. Oh the restraint we showed! You guys should seriously be proud… toddlers AND whistle blowers! It was truly a test.

After about an hour, knowing any longer would be too much sun, we headed up to the boardwalk for some way over priced sausage and peppers in a bun and then took the kids into Luna park. They had been eyeing off the crazy scary rides. It’s really fun to have kids who are tall enough to go on all the rides πŸ™‚ So we got the tickets and set them in the line for the long wait you have for the good rides. After some time it was their turn, I’m not sure who had more fun, us watching the fear on Miss Gremlin’s face or the kids on the ride. ride 1

ride 3

ride 4

When they came off they loved it, so we lined up for the next one. This one was a little scarier but still they went. Β When they got on the ride we could hear Miss Gremlin scream, and scream, blood curdling! And like all good parents we pissed ourselves laughing from the bottom of the ride. They spun around 3-4 times then sat, suspended 100 feet in the air while the people on the other end of the spinning arm were loaded off and on. Her shrill scream could be heard the entire time.

ride 2

Then they were off again, this time in the opposite direction. And we caught it all on film, the screaming, crying freaking out… and still we laughed. When the ride stopped we could see she was totally freaked, wiping tears from her face with her sleeve. We’re such bad parents.

ride 5 ride 7ride 6

She informed us through tears that one was too scary, so the the slingshot ball was a no go. It was fine, we were nearly out of credit for the rides anyway, so we opted for the ‘throw the ball at the plates’ game and the ‘shoot the water in the hole’ game… at each place Grand Master D won a toy, so they both came away with a fun toy each and we all had an entertaining time.

Actually it was pretty awesome!

How was your 4th July Long Weekend?

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  1. I agree it is pretty damn nice when both are tall enough. We hung at our cottage – it was awesome and relaxing. When I moved to the Midwest I needed some sort of water after growing up at the Jersey Shore. Makes me relaxed soon as I get there. Glad you were able to enjoy your weekend too!

  2. We went to an awesome firework show on the 4th and spent the rest of the weekend at home relaxing. The older kids went off to their grandparents house for the weekend, so we got to watch a few movies alone when the baby was napping or asleep for the night. It was nice spending one on one time with my husband.

  3. Our drummer had a gig with his other band on Coney Island this weekend. I wanted to go, but my mom’s in from out of state. So I’m glad I could kind of be there vicariously! Sounds like a fun weekend!

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  4. We really need to go to Coney Island sometime. We go to New York fairly regularly and it’s one of those things we say we will do but then we don’t. Isn’t the subway ride kind of long? Wait, what am I saying? Any subway ride longer than 3 minutes is long.

    And you’re NOT horrible parents. I would have laughed the entire time too!

  5. Wow Coney Island! I’ve never been before! Sounds like you all had a nice time. Thanks for linking up with the Mommy Monday Blog Hop! It was a pleasure reading your post! Enjoy the rest of your week! <3 Brittnei

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