Little Miss Gremlin’s Business Trip

Little Miss Gremlin has been feeling left out this week with her brother away. I thought she would revel in the alone time but she has been moody, teary and lethargic. She missed him way more than I ever thought she would. They get on very well and love each other but they also push each others buttons in a huge way.

Thinking that today, I really needed to get this girl moving, do some fabulously awesome kid activity which I’d totally hate, The King swooped in and told her  he was taking her to Philadelphia on the train for a business lunch and meeting. SAVED! She was so excited, she started planning her business outfit in her head. We tweaked it a bit this morning but she basically wore what she planned. I packed her a snack bag, knowing that my little girl needs sustenance and also knowing The King is not bothered by trivial things like eating, so I wanted her to have a little control over her environment. At least she has some snacks for the trip there and back without having to whine about being hungry :). Yeah mother’s just know stuff.

She has her book, her ipod and food, what more could she need? She’ll be doted on at the meeting, people always think it’s cute when kids go to business meetings 🙂 And she gets a fun train ride with her hero, daddy the King.

I get to stay home in my pj’s all day watching tv and not look after anyone!!!
Even the dog can suck it up today…………. I’m doing me. (No pj pics to insert…. that would just be weird)

It’s a win,win,win situation.

Occasionally, I need a win.




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