The King Returns to the Homeland

Last August when we went to Australia for our bi annual trip, My Lord Dr King was supposed to come with us, however circumstances vetoed that trip and as we’d already purchased his ticket, he had to change it to another time.

Since moving here to New York in 2005, My Lord Dr King has only been back once, for 4 days, to sell our house in 2007. So a visit was long overdue. When your mother starts saying I could be dead before you come back to see me, you know you’ve gotta get your ass on the plane. And so he changed his ticket to February ….

As February loomed, it looked like he wasn’t going to be able to go, those darn circumstances avoidance again… but honestly, it just needed to happen and so he went.

Clearly Purple shirt day

Clearly Purple shirt day

The epic tour of The Dr began …and it’s been really good. I, of course, have been stalking his every move and living vicariously through his posts and our chats. He’s catching up with old friends and really enjoying his return, even though he’s one to never go back, we once had to drive through 200 miles of unmade roads because of his ‘never go back’ theory but that’s another story.

It really is like a Rock star tour, there are people all over the country reaching out to get some time with him, he’s covering a lot of ground but it’s great. It’s nice to know so many people like you and care how you’re doing.

So one week down, he’s been to Sydney, Albury, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. He’s caught up with family and friends and added a little business along the way. He has the visit to Perth for his mum and sister yet to do. It will probably be another 10 years before he feels the need to return so he’s getting it all in.

I can’t wait to hear all the stories. We’re getting snippets, like him being propositioned too many times to count while out with musician friends and the ex in the hometown… I guess the women could smell fresh meat!

I laughed pretty hard at that!

NOT one of the propositioning females

NOT one of the propositioning females

He’s at the beach now, so let’s see how that goes!


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  1. No fucking way!!!! He went back? And no one is dead? Thank God I didn’t place that bet! Adam is going on year four! I’m dragging his ass back this year.

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