When your kid turns Legs 11


Miss Gremlin is 11 on Sunday, the ides of March (Shakespeare apparently) and it doesn’t feel like that long ago she was pigtails and curls. A squeaky baby from the start, she was always making some sort of noise. After Grand Master D, she was a totally different child. She’s challenged me at every stage from birth through toddlerhood and now tween girl with a strong and at times, defiant spirit.
This kid amazes me every single day. The things she knows, the things she wants to know. The figurate mountains she wants to conquer daily.
This kid, the one who loves science and math and wants to work for NASA someday, (I hope there still is one) devours knowledge. She loves it. She’s not ribbons and bow and dolls. You’ll NEVER see her in pink or dresses.

She’s happy and interesting to be around. She’s funny and thoughtful and has a beautiful soul.

She’s heading into the years where girls have a hard time, with the changes they face and body image and insecurity and bullying. I feel like she’s preparing herself by doing what she likes and not trying to fit in to some kind of expected behaviour…. and I love that. If we get to skip the bitchy, catty, drama filled girl stuff, I’m cool with that.

She’s just awesome, happy birthday Miss Gremlin.

P.S. She still loves breakfast :).

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  1. I love that this sweet girl is a non conformist! She will have the best life knowing that she can choose her own path and succeed! She is so much like I was at her age…please stop saying she wants to work for NASA. let’s all encourage her by saying she WILL work for NASA one day! Dare to dream big Miss G.

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