And then, just like that.. He graduated

School, that place where children go for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for not enough weeks of the year as some would argue, to learn. In their time at school they learn about all the required english and mathematical things they must but they also learn about themselves, who they are , what they want, how they perform under pressure, what motivates them. It’s a journey we can’t take for them . We guide them, we sit and do homework with the (only when they’re very young) and we get mad at their lack of effort, we beam with pride at their achievements, their moments of excellence in a sea of everyday mediocrity.

We’re there to pick up the pieces when it all falls down and we’re there with a tear in our eye when they come to the end.

Yesterday Grand Master D graduated middle school, the 8th grade. His first actual graduation, not a moving up ceremony.

Elementary and middle school is over, done finished, he’s moving onto the next stage.



It’s a strange feeling, watching your baby grow up. But here he is doing it in front of my eyes, measuring each day to see if he’s taller than me yet, he’s close, OH so close. We’re currently eyeballing each other. I imagine my vertical dominance will be over within the month. And I can’t wait to kick his ass from my new shorter position, and for him to bend down to hug me because that how it should be.


And now we do high school…..(wipes tears and puts big girl panties on)

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