It’s Totally Ok to Squeeze Random Strangers, Right?

A strange thing happened to me yesterday.

Outside being walked by Sir Lickalot, yes he walks me. He’s old, he deserves to walk where he wants. Anyway we walking back down the main street and two girls were out collecting for planned parenthood. They were standing in the basic formation about 20 mtrs apart. As we approached I could see a woman talking to them, as I go closer I could see it was hostile. Something in me snapped, I went up to the girl and said ‘Tell me all about it!’

She did her thing and we parted ways. As I walked off the same woman was giving the second girl a roasting, telling her she should be doing that in Chelsea, not up here in Harlem. Let me assure you, girls need just as much help and education up here in Harlem don’t you worry. Poor girl, I felt so sorry for her, she’s just doing her job and supporting a place which helps women in poorer areas.

I couldn’t help myself, as I got to the girl, I reached out and squeezed her arm in support and kept walking. That could be weird, actually I’m sure it is but I just felt like she needed to know she was doing a good thing.


Um ok it was weird, I’m getting to that age of doing those things  🙂

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