Introduction: Meet the family.

HI, My name is Molley Mills. I am mum to 3 children and a husband. Yep that’s right…….
22 yo Princess
11 yo Grand Master D
8 yo Miss Gremlin
and The King who insists he’s 7.. Lord help me :)
We have a brain damaged dog named Sir Lickalot, He’s very special .

We live in Harlem New York. Landing here from Australia in 2005 with 9 suitcases…….and a “we will conquer all” attitude! Let me tell you sometimes we’re not sure who’s conquering whom.

For a long time the King has been telling me I should write a book about my thoughts on child rearing. He said I should share the wisdom because no kids are as good as ours! Well I’m sure they’re not perfect, nor am I but I can see so many things that are the current norm that I would never do.

I’ve learned though, sometimes the hard way, that you just have to shut your mouth and let people screw it up even when you KNOW how to help them. If they don’t ask…. DON’T offer…

Now a book sounded like too much commitment so here I am in the blogosphere!

I don’t claim to know anything and I get it wrong lots but I have some funny things to share. If nothing else I know there are many of you who can relate to how hard it is to get this parenting thing right……

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  1. You know what I love about you the most? That you have to make the bed BEFORE you get into it and that you once vacuumed your terrace. This made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 😉

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