In Search of Bushrangers

In every country’s history there are scoundrels who become famous for their misdeeds. Bonnie and Clyde, Billy the Kid, Jesse James are among the most famous. Australia is no different. In the late 1800’s a group of outlaws known as the Kelly Gang terrorized the population in the area of North East Victoria and southern New South Wales. Their final stand and subsequent arrest was at Glenrowan but many towns in the area can claim history attached to the gang. The leader of the gang was Edward (Ned) Kelly. He became famously unique for the armour he used.

Every year, in a town called Beechworth they celebrate the anniversary of the committal hearing by re-enacting the Kelly trial and other events highlighting the Kelly gang. The town has pantomimes and dresses itself up in 1880’s style as a living history lesson.

Grand Master D was very interested in Ned Kelly on a previous trip and as luck would have it, we happened to be back in the area for the anniversary this year.
The kids went with their grandma, aunt and cousin to check it out.

The entire town of Beechworth gets into the spirit with different displays of days gone by, things directly related to The Kelly gang and Ned himself, along with general life in that era. It’s a well preserved tourist town, heritage listed and carefully maintained. Steeped in rich history and Australian heritage, it’s a great place for a family outing.

The kids had such a great time, Grand master D now wants to make a movie about it all. He says he’s writing the script.
I dare not dash him hopes by reminding him it’s been done before 🙂



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