I Will Absolutely, Positively, NOT Talk About Sex……….EVER

photo credit: imagerymajestic

photo credit: imagerymajestic

This is not a sex blog, I’m not talking about my sex life, we’re not discussing  sex, ok?

I have no tips. That would just be weird.


Sex is, or should be, a private act between 2 or more consenting people of whatever variety they subscribe to.

We all get that. But it’s private and personal and not up for discussion.

Now that we’ve got that straight. Phew

Okay, good. So the other night. :)…………..

We’ve been together 22 years, we’ve been through many things and know each other very, very well and have seen each other from every angle, flattering and not so much. There’s NOTHING flattering about childbirth but I digress.

Sex is still awesome and pretty regular but we kinda know how it’s gonna go.. ( NO specifics that’d just be eeewww) Okay, we’re efficient………

We’ve tried lots of things to keep it spicy over the years. Ah yes, don’t eat chilli pizza and then eat……. UM…ANYWAY ….

So you can imagine that after 22 years there are no tricks left, however if new tricks arrive, one must say to oneself… hmm where did this come from?

Well ………ON this particular occasion I had been giving some thought to something new. I don’t know why, call it momentary insanity that I would be making up SEX moves… PLEASE. I got skinny, I was feeling good, let’s blame that. 🙂
Things were all going along as one might predict when I got all funky on his ass and tried something new……. Well let’s just say the desired effect was reached but more importantly, The King was surprised!
And after 22 year THAT is what I’m most proud of.

I surprised the KING.
This is worth discussing. It’s wasn’t a chandelier swinging move but it had him talking about it for a week. And that’s all I need 🙂

We can now go back to being efficient, until the next surprise.

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