Hump Day Humour #28

In the face of adversity it’s good to laugh….. right?!

We're just never happy are we.

We’re just never happy are we.

Sometimes, we women are just nuts……but I’ll never admit to it.

Some rivalries are just funny....

Some rivalries are just funny….

This needs no explanation but a good rivalry keeps you on your toes…… Of course it’s all in fun and our staunch allies would be beside us in a second if we needed them, I’m sure they are already sending teams of firefighters to help…..

As we didn’t hesitate when Christchurch was destroyed by earthquake…..

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  1. I love that first one! I told Brian at the very beginning of our relationship: If I have a problem, I DO NOT want you to solve it. I want you to empathize and sympathize and hug me. That is ALL.

    It’s worked out very well so far.

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