Hidden Gems of New York City

On Saturday we went to Governor’s Island. It sits right in the middle of New York Harbour, a short 10 minute ferry ride from South Ferry at the bottom of Manhattan. It’s $2.00. Once you get over there, you step into the past. There are houses built in the last century, and cannons on top of the hill pointed out, waiting for the enemy to dare. It’s been a long time since they’ve been used but it’s all there.

They have a jazz reenactment going on as well. There are dozens of people dressed in their 1920’s finery and dancing it up around the back of the island in a “Remember the 20’s” jazz thing. There’s pedal cars and bikes you can hire and bars and walking trails and a spectacular view of downtown Manhattan, Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Super fun day, super cheap, well except for the exorbitant pedal car rental…highly recommend as a daytrip. So much fun.


New Hork Harbour

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