Here’s the thing about GMO’s

There has been a real buzz lately on the GMO issue. California is going for another controversial vote, this time forcing companies to label any product which has GMO ingredients in it. This is a very important issue simply because we, as consumers, have the right to know what we are buying and eating. You can’t make informed choices if you are not given all the facts.

The big companies involved, like Monsanto, however, are spending billions fighting this issue. You have to wonder why?

What are GMO’s?
GMO’s for those who may have been living under a rock are Genetically Modified Organisms. This doesn’t help right? Ok, GMO’s are foods that have been through the lab and modified from their original form to be a ‘better’ product, whether it’s for higher or faster growing yield or a pest and drought resistant plant. These seeds are modified, not for better nutritional value but simply to gain more profit.

Here’s the “Yes On 37” campaign’s video explaining GMO’s and the issues:

Who benefits and who suffers?

On the surface it looks like having genetically modified crops growing in your fields would be great because you can increase income as a farmer by a bigger yield, you have less problems with seasonal weather issues and pests no longer bother your crops. For the farmers, this is a win win.
We can’t blame the farmer, the fault is not theirs. They are not the enemy. They are sold on the idea by the big companies.
Farmers have a tough life, they are reliant on getting enough rain for the crop to thrive, praying that too much rain doesn’t breed a plague of locusts to wipe out their thriving crop and hoping that the chemicals that the company sold them has done a good job and knocked out all the weeds, while not harming the crop. So when they harvest their bumper crop, it is pure enough to sell for a higher profit margin. Of course there’s more to it all than that but that’s the simplistic version.

Being a crop growing farmer, is a hard way to make a living. And you know that the big companies are not out to help the farmer. They want to buy the produce for the lowest price and on sell it in their products for the highest, therefore making themselves even bigger.

Here we go all conspiracy theory again 🙂

So why are these companies so against labelling their products? What are they hiding? These are troubling questions.
Here is a link to the list of what is currently genetically modified , growing in the USA.
Let’s not forget that all commercial livestock, producing beef, chicken and pork, is fed on corn, which then makes the mainstream meat supply also GMO affected.

None of these modified foods have been properly tested on humans as to their effects on health. Whenever we buy anything from our supermarkets, chances are it’s been modified. Almost all processed packaged foods contain GMO’s and we are the guinea pigs.

Could this have something to do with the marked rise in weight gain, diabetes, ADD, ADHD, autism and cancer rates, along with many other ailments that have increased exponentially over the last decade? These things don’t just appear in society without a reason. Could this be the reason? Are we being poisoned for profit?
Do I even dare suggest that Big Agriculture and Big Pharma are in partnership? Poison the food, people get sick, sell more drugs……. No I don’t even dare 🙂

How do they know it doesn’t harm us?

There are studies emerging saying it probably does.
If it doesn’t harm us, then why do they care if the product has a label listing ALL ingredients, so we can choose?

Something is wrong. There’s too much noise being made. Companies don’t fight this hard if they’re not hiding something. Why would the big companies threaten to sue states who want the labelling?

All these questions deserve answers.

Start researching, check things out for yourselves. There’s plenty of information on the subject. Go to and learn more.

We need to stand up for the important things and our global food source is definitely that. If every food becomes genetically modified then we’re screwed. We need to fight for safe food and stop these companies just doing whatever they want without us knowing. If we can force then to label anything containing GMO’s and that hurts their profits because consumers stop buying it, then we have shown them we won’t accept it anymore.

That is a very good thing.

I don’t want my family being a Monsanto GMO guinea pig, do you?

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