Where the Hell is all the Good Internet?

Ok I can admit this here, I’m an internet junkie, I need that fast speed shit like air, and it’s not until you no longer have it that you really miss what you had, it’s a blessing in one respect My Lord Dr King isn’t experiencing this because nobody want to hear that many swears at one time, I mean how can you possibly run a global conglomerate on this internet shit?

I have to say that the cell phone situation has improved , on previous trips I’ve bought the prepaid phones and had to share digits win everyone and then with the prevalence of Facebook last time I decided that I’d prefer a hotspot and communicate via that on Skype and facebook rather than a $50 phone which I use not even half of the credit and that’s a waste, this time I have an Aussie iPhone, thanks to The Princess’ inability to decide which country to reside in, and let me say it’s a great plan with unlimited call and text and 500mb of data per day, that’s a pretty good deal.

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That’s a lot of crap to keep one woman connected… And it’s all for you guys! You’re welcome.

Being away from home is always hard, and needing to find acceptable internet is a must, we really are spoiled in the USA and miss it when it’s gone.

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  1. All the good internet is being held for ransom at my place and will be released once our prime minister stops wearing speedos and making dumb comments.

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  2. Tell me about it! The US is heaven on earth when it comes to free wifi. On the flip side, when I take my computer to a coffee shop in Australia, I actually have a chance of getting something done!

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