Happy Holidays….?

How is your Christmas vacation going? I mean winter break, heaven forbid we should offend someone and say why we’re really having holidays!
Did you go away? Are you reading this from a banana lounge in the Caribbean with a strawberry daiquiri? While the kids are off at kids club? If so, I hate you! No I don’t really, in fact good for you!

It’s great to really have a break and enjoy some rest before the swing of the new year gets us all tied in knots again.

It’s been a huge year, and has ended all so quickly, it really only feels like October…… But I guess that what age does, speeds everything up. I know that before we even turn around twice, it will be mid winter break (no we lost that in Sandy) and heading for Easter, I mean spring break. Funny how all the vacations coincide with Christian rituals but we have to be politically correct and all inclusive… I have no issue with other religions or beliefs or people who follows those but they should also be tolerant of us. It is, in fact, Christmas and Merry Christmas should be the greeting, happy holidays is a cop out and I choke on it every time. It makes me sad that our society is getting watered down by what we say for fear of offending.

Everyone has their turn at the important dates, we break for Roshashana and Yom Kippur and schools cater to children following Ramadan, we acknowledge Hanukkah and wish people well, why can’t we say Merry Christmas?

I suppose it’s regional, where the population is mostly Jewish then they cater to that, where mostly Christians gather it would be dominated by Merry Christmas. It makes me sad that the schools are no longer decorated or that there are no Christmas pageants, it was totally part of the American dream for my kids to be in a Christmas pageant.

Never gonna happen, at least not in New York City, where we have so many days off for different religious observances, that it would make your head spin!

It’s all over with now, so I guess it doesn’t really matter, until next year when I get to choke on Happy Holidays all over again.


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