Freedom Pops and Fizzes Around Here

As I write this through my bleary eyes I am reminded why 4th July celebrations really exist. It was a rough night….. but I had the FREEDOM to lie awake at 4am listening to what can only be described as heavy shelling and mortar fire throughout the streets of Harlem. I also had the FREEDOM to get out of bed and go downstairs so as to not disturb the King as he has the FREEDOM to sleep through said bombing.

From my vantage point on the couch with my pillow at 4.15am I had the FREEDOM to watch out the window and see the pretty show which the locals had the FREEDOM to display until daybreak when it would be a total waste of their RIGHTS to FREELY let off ILLEGAL fireworks as we would no longer see it. After which time I guess they enjoyed their FREEDOM to go into their homes and sleep, as did I…….

I wonder, do they have the FREEDOM to terrorise the neighbourhood?
Children all over are woken from their slumber screaming in fear…. the dogs who have no idea what is happening but know the sound of danger when they hear it. I had the FREEDOM to call 911  and the police had the FREEDOM not to come or even bother to check.

No doubt tonight we’ll get to do it all again, as this has been the pattern over the last 3 nights. I admire their determination to celebrate, really I do, what I miss is my FREEDOM to sleep through the night undisturbed. I hope they have saved enough for the actual night of celebration because it would be disappointing if they were premature celebrators, although with the suspected age  group of the culprits I would imagine not.

Congratulations America, we live in a place where Freedom rings….(and pops and fizzes) and we can say and do as we please. I’m not sure today’s use of what the forefathers fought for is what they had in mind with the current state of societal degradation but that’s another matter.

Happy Birthday Lady Liberty standing in the sun at the entrance of New York Harbour. The symbol of freedom for so many coming from other lands, being welcomed to this land of Freedom with open arms.

The Land of the free and the home of the brave………and tired and sleepless and over it.

Happy 4th July 2012……. where’s the damn coffee.

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