Extra Thought Required

We all have them, the person who is super hard to buy for, Christmas, birthday, Anniversary. Whatever the special occasion, the thought of buying a gift that he or she’ll like, that will bring genuine joy, makes you break out in a cold sweat.

Well it does for me, and that person is The King….. naturally. He’s the most difficult person ever -over the years, many have tried and failed…….. but sometimes you score a good one.

One birthday I bought him the Kramer portrait, it hangs on our stairs. It’s quite a talking point with guests.

For his 40th birthday we bought him a star, which the kids named the Daddy Rock Star from starregistry.com

There’s been smoking jackets and accessories.

The Princess bought him a title one year. Now he’s a scottish land owner, which bears him the title Laird, so you can imagine how insufferable he is now that he’s a Scottish Laird (Lord). It’s a square foot and probably a scam but that doesn’t stop him 🙂

He has personally engraved bottles of cologne. Gold engraved cuff links. Monogrammed shirts…. blah blah blah

My mum has always managed to find interesting things, once she bought a Big Ben teapot because we had a business called London Music Group….it made the continental crossing but  later it got smashed 🙁

And everyone needs one of theses!

We’ve bought ourselves gifts and wrapped them from each other. One year I bought him golf clubs which I never saw……he bought me a drill!

This year I haven’t got a clue- He has everything, and what he doesn’t have he just goes and gets. It’s so very frustrating. Every year I say I’m gonna find something awesome, sometimes I manage…….other times I can tell he’s disappointed…..

This year I’m soliciting ideas, so send them through, He’s big, loud and obnoxious, drinks, smokes cigars and likes the finer things in life……..all suggestions considered 🙂 !

No I’m not wrapping myself in a bow, it’s been done…..

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  1. Hi Molly, I used to go to school with you and sometimes walk home with you to Huon creek road. Also used to work at manns when u worked for the council. Worked at 2AY with Millsy and Wazza too. Maybe a great gift for the king would be a where is Millsy b ook. Based on Where’s wally. It could include him and all the family and maybe some other close friends he has to find. You will need to find an artist willing to do it and then have it printed. Was a huge hit with a hard to buy for friend of ours.

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