Everything is exercise.

Today’s tall order task was to wash the dog. The King and Miss Gremlin went for a 2 1/2 hour walk in central park yesterday. It was hot, over 100F. Poor TD was exhausted, although really enjoyed swimming in any and every water source available to him, including the boat basin! When they got home they were all covered in stinky grey mud but being that it was 6pm I knew washing him was not a great idea. Wet dog is not a desirable thing at night. So I slated it for today…I set up with the hose, the shampoo and lots of energy. TD is a Leonberger and has a double coat, so every wash is quite an extravaganza. I am pleased the weather was warm and sunny. I was able to get my vitamin D allocation while washing the dog. Bonus! Anyway it’s quite the workout and takes about an hour including all the brushing involved…I burned 200 calories!

He’s now clean but we’re both exhausted and laying down to recover. Workout done, check…..dog passed out , check……naptime anyone? I’ll get back to ya.


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