Every Cloud has a silver……….OH BAH!

Are you a positive person or a negative person? Do you see the bright side of everything, the silver lining or do you tend to be pessimistic and negative about everything?
I have to admit I tend to go to the pessimistic side. Always have. I try very hard to be positive and look for the good in everything and everyone but I think my nature is to see what can happen when it goes bad.

How does a relationship blend when you have a positive and a negative, now we know the science, the yin and yang but do you live with a positive, upbeat everything is awesome Tigger type person or do you live with an Eeyore?

The King is certainly in the Tigger category. Always happy, positive and upbeat. To the point of distraction some days…. you just want to shake him and say, stop being so damn positive! He tops this off by saying he has no choice because he has the B positive blood group…… (groan).

How can I possibly wallow in my Eeyore misery with all that positiveness. It’s positively distracting.. hehe.

Our relationship works although we are polar opposites because I am very good at grounding the King whenever he gets carried off with his marvelous ideas, which is often and he is great at kicking me out of my wallowing pity party even if I would rather stay right there in it. Over the many years we’ve been together we’ve worked out how to help each other cope with the issues we face. I don’t even fight the wild crazy ideas anymore. I let them all flow because nine time out of ten they just run their course and we continue on. Sometimes, however I have to fight against the seemingly marvelous idea because I can see the catastrophic downfall ahead. Sometimes, I fail, like in the instance of the moving to New York idea, and we end up in New York. Not that it’s been as bad as I had believed it would be. I quite like it here. Other times we dodge the bullet due to my cautiousness and overall mistrust of people. That takes me mildly off point but just go with it…..

I have a very keen bulls**t meter. In our business life together I have never been wrong when I have negative feelings about someone. Often I can’t explain what it is at the time, it’s just a feeling. It can take some time for the true nature of the person to appear but when I say it in the beginning, it always come to fruition. Even now although I’m not so involved in the business, I go to dinners  just to check out the person, sometimes The King will bring them home for the test. 🙂 The King calls me his secret weapon. I see through it, even when they’re really good at hiding it. There is just something about someone who is dishonest or untrustworthy. They ooze something I pick up on. Even though they may appear to be wonderful people outwardly.

The King has recently taken a body language course which has helped him enormously in weeding out the liars and cheats much quicker. As they say time is money, don’t waste time on cultivating a relationship which won’t work out, it’s better to cut your losses and get the hell out before they take you for everything.  And we’ve been there before!

Whichever way you move through life, optimistically or pessimistically, there’ll be someone out there to counteract your effect. It’s just how things are and were meant to be.
(I always wanted to use that line)

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