Electronic Free Zone

My kids spent an entire day, until late evening hours, playing outside at a friend’s home. Not once did they want for their iphone or ipod or tv or any type of electronic device until the train ride home.

It was wonderful to see, they kicked balls and swam in the cold hottub, ran around with sticks, climbed trees……got really dirty and had a lot of fun.

They didn’t come looking for me, they didn’t fight or whinge(whine)and they fueled up on lovely healthy bbq’ed foods and salad. Ok they had a few sodas but that’s what going to uncle JR’s is all about.

At one point Miss Gremlin got whittling lessons from an artist friend there and then they tried to fashion a spear head out of a scrap of slate but the knife was too blunt.
The artist is an Englishman, Malcolm Young, and I spent most of the day back at aged 10 because he reminded me so much of my granddad. The flashback was amazing. It was a superb day, I can’t believe I contemplated not going 🙂

The craziest ending to the day was Miss Gremlin left her backpack in the car riding to the train…. so now she’s with out her ipod for a day or two.



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