Do They Have Interventions for Twitter? Asking for a Friend

I’m going to admit to you that I might have an obsession with the little blue bird. Yep that one, you know … *whispers*

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 12.29.35 AMshhhhh they’ll hear!

However, it is a great marketing tool and shitloads of fun. I’m just beginning to understand the party part of it and how #hashtags work. I’ve tried several times to go to #wineparty on Friday night but those twitter whores over there just go too fast or the drinks at my end slow me down, either way after about 20 minutes I’m so lost I give up and go back to my usual activities. But this week my new bestie Lucy @ My Life As Lucille said we should have a party our selves, for the other blog I contribute to, with the great group of bloggers we call The Epistolarians.

So Thursday night we had a play, with ear pressed to the phone and fingers fairly flying we had a twitter party using the hashtag #Epistolarians…. (cheap plug, you should join us next Thursday) and it was super fun and a success. Her next goal was to get me to #wineparty and to enjoy it. ‘But I can’t keep uuuuppppppp’, I whined. ‘OH Good God,’ Lucy rolled her eyes and said ‘Get tweet deck or tweet grid’ ..Que? (spanish for UH?) Apparently these are websites that help you keep up by allowing multiple feeds. Well this sounded like something I could get into and I so had a little look see.

And this my friends is what I saw!




~~~~~~~MIND BLOWN~~~~~~~

Did you guys KNOW about this SHIT? It’s DA BOMB Diggity!

Anyway after I picked my face up off the floor, I set up my feed and no one heard from me since, except on twitter.

                                                                                                                             Please send twitter help











For the sake of the children



On a side note, if you like twitter, try tweet deck or tweet grid… you will never go back. Oops I’ve said too much….again.

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  1. hahahahahaha!! I love tweetdeck, but I ended up giving it up for hootsuite; to slow me down?? Hell no! I can’t just keep track of twitter, Instagram and Facebook all together there 😀

    Yeah …. I *might* have a socializing problem 😀 Great post, and great program!

  2. I agree–tweetchats go a lot better with the right equipment. (and I type a lot better with glasses, but that’s a whole other story….) I use Tweetdeck, and yes! It’s amazing!

  3. I love tweetdeck on my mobile. I like the way it stops on the last tweet I have read, then I can scroll up to everyone else. Haven’t tried it on the big girl computer though. Might put that on next week’s to dos. I am drowning in this weeks.
    Send a life preserver and wine?

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