Chess Time, Next Stop Nashville

It’s been a big couple of weeks for Miss Gremlin, she found out her new school, celebrated and now she’s heading to Chess Nationals again. This year it’s in Nashville Tennessee and once again I’m not going. I would love to see Nashville but Miss Gremlin wants to go with the group, without me. She’s our independent one that’s for sure. The culmination of an entire year worth of Saturdays playing chess around the city will be tested in the grand ballrooms of the convention centre where about 1000 kids will congregate to battle for the trophies and gain incredible life experiences.


Learning some tips in Washington Square park last summer.

She’s excited, I’m excited, she’s excited about the 3:45am pick up for the airport, I’m less excited about that part but they’ll get there early and have plenty of time to settle in before the first game on Friday evening.

She didn’t win any games last year, the experience was probably too overwhelming to be successful, but this year, she’s older and more experienced and she’s experienced¬†Nationals before so she knows what to expect and she can bring her game.

But truthfully it doesn’t matter if she loses every game, she’s still a winner because she’s experiencing an incredible thing for an 11 yo. And every opportunity to experience something new makes you a winner in my book.

She played her last all day tournament Saturday, on Thursday, they ride…..

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