Abnormal is the New Normal………Right?!

My life is nothing if not abnormal. We’re not your average family, we don’t have average needs and we’re certainly not average people. If you’ve been here before, this is not news. Oh how I wish we were ….

The normalcy I crave is nowhere to be found. I suppose it’s an odd complaint and people will say ‘What are you talking about, I’d kill for your life’ and this may be true but isn’t it human nature to want what you don’t have?

So call me human, it’s been said before  😛

I am the wife of a serial entrepreneur, so much so that I don’t even know what he does because it’s so fluid, I don’t think he really knows either. Sure he knows what projects he’s working on and the direction we’re headed but that can change in an instant and often does.

Here’s today’s example….

I left this morning at 8:30 to do the last Pre-k School tour, it’s that time of year for parents to find schools, the King was up today but he’s not always.It’s a trade off, late nights=late mornings.

Upon walking back in at 11am, the King is in the kitchen cooking,

me: hey is this breakfast or lunch?

King: breakfast, I’ve been busy….

me: OK

King: I have to go to Spain

me: when?

King: immediately….. I think.

me: oh ok.


Does this seem normal to you?  No?  ……….See, it does to me.. and that’s what makes us so NOT normal. No questions, no long discussion, just the sharing of information and acceptance.

So I guess I’m playing single mum next week 🙂


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  1. Yes, that conversation would definitely NOT be normal for me. I would freak if my husband said he would be leaving for an entire week and going to another country. I love that abnormal is different for everyone.

  2. Funny enough, hubby keeps saying he’s supposed to go to Spain soon. I don’t know when, but it’s when he’s “called upon” for work. Happy mommying the single mom times

  3. got to commend you on dealing with this so easily. Not everyone has that attitude. Spain.. Hilarious. Right.. He’s waiting for the agreement and the ticket and all that goes with that kind of trip (including goals and expectations) to be provided

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