A Watch Made of Wood – JORD Watch

In the age of cell phones, the art of wearing a watch seems to be fading, but watches are worthy of our time (pun intended). Watches are a statement, as individual as the arm it rests on. I have several watches, probably like most of you and I change them out to suit the activity or outfit I’m wearing. Did you guys even know I do fashiony stuff?

I came across the JORD watch recently when the company reached out to me and I’m all for interesting and new and *ahem* free 😉 . They sent me a watch of my choosing to tell you guys all about!

These watches are made of wood, like from actual trees!

It’s like a little piece of hippie heaven. Who even comes up with stuff like that? I can see it in the planning meeting now. “Let’s make a watch out of wood!”

So they did, and the results are spectacular!

jord watch

Lightweight and elegant by design, the JORD watch is a fashion statement you can be proud to wear. I really love interesting pieces that catch the eye. I don’t do reviews all that often but this one, I was excited about.

There are many different designs to choose from, and from those designs a variety of wood combinations are used. All sizes and specs are available on their website.

I went with the Ely series, in cherry wood. I think it really compliments my skin tone and hair colour. I do love earthy tones. (Maybe I have a bit of hippie after all 😉 )

I’ve had so many compliments while wearing this timepiece. People are really quite intrigued.



You know with Mother’s Day coming, this could solve the ever present “What to get Mom” question! I know there’s not much chance to get it in time but Father’s Day is just around the corner too 😉

Can’t you just see the old boy sitting back with his cigar in his fingers and a JORD watch on his wrist?  Maybe that’s just me, *note to self*,  add one to My Lord Dr King’s Christmas list. Look at me planning ahead.


watches and cigars


I love this watch. I’ve worn it everyday since it arrived and that’s saying a lot for me as I don’t often wear watches these days. So far it’s extremely durable and easy to wear and the compliments are easy to take as well.

With so many to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find something to suit that special someone…and you never know, that special someone might even be you 😉


Unique Watch

*I was furnished with a watch to review but all opinions are my own because writing someone else’s opinion would be stupid, right.

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