A Very Fine Line

A recent article has  piqued my attention and I want to make a comment. It’s a controversial topic but as an outsider, I have to ask……..


A 17 year old student at a university here in the US is trying to form a white student union. Now before you freak out and go all ‘this is racist’ on me, think about it for a minute.
Why is this causing such a stir? Is it just because he’s trying to form a ‘white group’? Or is it deeper than that?
Is it because ‘white groups’ have historically been disgusting, racial, hate mongering machines we are all ashamed of? Quite probably.

I know America has a very poor history in race relations, I know that on the surface it sounds very KKK but at some point there must be equality and freedom of speech is still a constitutional right. Why can’t white students come together and discuss ‘their’ race issues, if people are being racist toward them? It happens.

That doesn’t seem equal to me 🙂

I have certainly been the victim of racial slurs walking the streets of my neighbourhood. Many times. I am in the minority but I’m doing nothing wrong, I’m just here. I’m not rude to anyone, I just live my life and fit into the area as best I can. I’m not trying to make anyone change for me but you can totally feel the animosity some days. So racism flows both ways, I think it’s all really sad.

Having said that, I have some very awesome friends and know many, many people who don’t behave like that, ever.

We now have the Black Actors awards, Black Entertainment Television channel, Black Shoppers Union. Black College scholarships and the list goes on.

I absolutely understand WHITE people did very bad things in the past……AND in some areas it still goes on today but why are we more sensitive towards darker skinned folks needs and feelings, than lighter skin?

Is that reverse racism? Just asking.

We’re all the same, we are people of the planet, yes the colour of our skin is different but inside we all function the same. We all hurt when we’re abused, we all bleed, we all want a good life, we all want what’s best for our children and we all die.

White people aren’t the enemy.  There’s a chip that so many black people carry on their shoulder from so many years of oppression, understandably, that has been passed on down the generations where it should no longer be. The being beaten down by ‘The MAN’ mentality clouds judgement and gets in the way of some helping themselves.

EVERY citizen in this country has the right to vote, the right to free speech, the right to a college education, the right to housing. Why does it even matter what colour their skin is?

In our neighbourhood, there are all kinds of people, there are middle class families, black AND white, there are homeless people, black AND white, there are unruly teens in gangs running around with guns, black AND white, there are poorer people black AND white. There are English speaking, French speaking , African speaking and Spanish speaking people, black AND white.

For the most part we do all coexist in harmony.

If this young man is trying to form a legitimate group to combat issues facing  white students but isn’t excluding anyone from joining and doesn’t turn out to be another hideous white supremist group, hating on anyone who doesn’t conform to their ideals, then freedom reigns…. right?

In saying ALL this, I really know nothing about being anything but white and Australian. I didn’t grow up here in America.I live in a predominantly black community and see many growing pains brought about by the changing neighbourhood. I do want to live harmoniously where ever I reside, with whomever is my neighbour.

Like John said :

……..A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world

I truly hope that this young man is acting on a noble belief that there is a genuine need on his college campus and not stirring up trouble but only time will tell. It’s just sad that the race button is always the first one pushed.

Perhaps a better name for his ‘union’ should be a more politically correct name like ‘The complexionally challenged  union for students who don’t want to appear like white supremist assholes’.


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  1. reverse racism is rife everywhere it happens here is good old Oz and it wont change you cant and wont change it, people need to stop going back and feeling sorry f0r themselves get on with it and move forward make things better. If it were a spanish or chinese or korean or any other colour but white would anyone give a shit……….. I dont think so!!! Time to stop move on and give your children a better life not one that is coloured by all the multi racism, homosexualism for god sake life is yours to make or break if you cant get off your arse then you deserve all you get.
    Sorry Molly but just sometimes things just get on my worst left one LOL

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