A Climbing Adventure-Teens Love This Stuff

Over the Fourth of July Weekend we got outta Dodge because a) the fireworks are crazy and b) we had a gig to attend.

So we made a trip of it. The gig was awesome. Nothing like a bit of christian rock to get you all pumped up! If you haven’t heard of them you should check out the Planetshakers. An Australian Christian rock band touring the world.

Our friend of many years is music director of the band. He stays with us when ever he comes through town but we’ve never seen him play. So he invited us to Connecticut for Friday night’s gig.

We had a spectacular time and it was fun to share it with the kids and actually see what our friend does.

Saturday we were looking for something to do. I had seen an amusement park near the water the night before and went looking for that on the google. But something else came up.Miss Gremlin is finally at an age where she can experience things and not have to be child size. I found a place called The Adventure Park and it looked like fun.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 11.28.32 AM


It totally was. Acres of obstacle courses through the trees with ziplines and repellers and climbing things. So much fun!

We did the tutorial and safety talk an then we were let loose. Miss Gremlin didn’t want to do the kiddie ones, she wanted to go for the blue square (intermediate, kids above 9 to adult).

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 1.35.52 PM

So we began, My Lord Dr King went first, and half way across he fell! Not wanting to frighten the children, I freaked out internally. I was already nervous but I really freaked watching him figure out how to get back up onto a cable bridge 20 feet off the ground. But he did it.

Miss Gremlin went next. I was so proud of this kid, who is afraid of heights and doesn’t like rollercoasters. She was pumped and up for the climb! IMG_1529


She did so well until there was a glitch in the rope on the snowboard…

After that, understandably so, Miss Gremlin freaked out and had to repel out at the safety exit. She had pulled muscles in her shoulder and decided to get out. She’s totally fine, a couple of days with the fun pain killers and rest and she’ll be back to normal.

The boys carried on and loved it!

We will be back because it was fun and although Miss Gremlin was hurt, she will want to conquer her fears and go again.

Best of all we didn’t die! It was excellent fun and thrilling and entirely terrifying but isn’t that what adventuring is all about?

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