Why I Haven’t Watched TV in a Week

We are a techno family, we’re early adopters of technology, we’re on the cutting edge.
Ok when I say ‘we’ I’m totally using the Royal ‘WE’. What I mean is The King is a techno man, he’s an early adopter of technology, he gets all the beta tests of programs to try.

I get the benefits of this by association. It’s great and frustrating all at the same time but over the years, many years, I’ve learned to adapt reasonably quickly to the change.

We’re totally addicted to TV

We watch TV a lot, we love movies but prefer to experience them in the comfort of our own home. So we’ve had a computer hooked up to our television for years, long before apple tv, even longer before smart TVs with internet capabilities and facebook, netflix and itunes built in.

It’s great, we’ve had cable and netflix and itunes for years.

The TV makers may have actually stolen the idea from us!
Yeah, probably not, that’s a bit presumptuous of me 🙂

Trouble in TV land

Lately though we’ve had a run of bad luck on the TVs. Our 50″ blew up about 6 months ago and although we’ve tried our hardest to get it repaired, we finally gave up and trashed it yesterday. On our way out the door with it, to put it in the dumpster, a carpet cleaning man working in our building thought all his Christmases had come early. We explained it was broken, repairable but we were over it…… He loaded it up in his truck and decided it was worth a try. Good luck I say.

Now while we’ve been trying to have the 50″ repaired we’ve been downgraded to the spare 36″ (cos everyone needs a spare tv) and let me tell you when it comes to TVs, size DOES matter.  However for the last 3 months the little tv that could has been saying I can’t a little more often than it should. When we turn it on we have to wait for it to warm up for the picture to come on properly and not just pixelate itself upside down on the screen. This has been taking longer and longer and we’re up to about 15 minutes.

This is getting rather tedious and so on the weekend we decided that we would just leave the bastard on permanently and switch it to computer at night and the screen saver will keep it going.

Brilliant idea

To make it fun and keep it working until the new purchase, we’ve used the photo screen saver and have accessed all our photos, approximately 10,000.
So on a rolling screen saver, in a gallery type setting, which actually looks like our own wall, we get to see pictures of our lives scrolling by. They’re all mixed up and with every new screen, memories come flooding back.

landscapes and catering and kids on sprite……………..

vow renewals, weddings and toddling babies………………

more weddings and swimming and school awards ceremonies …………………

  50’s rock and roll and Christmas and running from trolls…………….

deserts and snow and the contrasts of our lives……..

So far this week we haven’t even turned the tv over to watch a movie or a show! Our entertainment at night has been, with our laptops on our laps, writing and coding and watching the photos of our lives scroll by……and remembering each event.

It’s a great way to see photos of long forgotten times and for the kids to see themselves and us younger. They remember events too and it’s great family time with lots of interesting conversations about the photos.

If you believe, it will happen

The new TV will come and it’ll be awesome and big and flash and stuff but we’ll still have the computer attached. We think it’s better than the dumbed down, inbuilt version they sell en masse.

The photo screen saver will have to stay, the photos are fun to see.
Who needs commercial TV when we get to be the star of the screen 24 hrs a day?

Yeah ok, we might eventually get sick of it but not watching TV for a whole week……in this house that’s a record.

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  1. We haven’t watched tv in over a year. We cancelled our cable because it was just being used as a dvr for the kids, and we never even hooked our tvs up to an antenna afterwards. We watch Netflix and rent movies, and that’s it!

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  2. It’s so true about having a big tv. It makes small TVs seem unwatchable.

    We haven’t had cable in a few years. I never thought my husband would last this long, but he’s still happy with netflix and the computer hooked up to the tv.

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      we go between hating cable, cutting it off only to putting it back on again. I like it but I’m happy to watch tv. I like the company. The King needs to be in control.. His choice what we watch and oh don’t even start with the ads…..

  3. The King sounds like my husband. We have more hooked up to our TV than I can handle. We watch a lot of TV after my daughter goes to bed too. I need it though. Sometimes I need to just zone out to something mindless. Maybe we should give rotating pics of the family a try 🙂

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  4. Sometimes when we think something is a “curse,” it actually is a blessing or a window for an opportunity. By getting rid of the big one and the substitute tv almost useless, you got the chance to have a travel down memory lane. I think it’s awesome and worth it! Maybe we’ll try this too (memory saver of pics on tv, not just the laptops).

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