Why Do We Need Permission to Treat Ourselves?

I have a problem with pampering myself. I do. There I said it. It’s some internal thing that says you can’t spend the money, you don’t deserve it, you’re supposed to struggle, hard work is the secret to life. ~While all these things are true, hard work is important, and you will struggle through parts of your life, why does it have to be your whole existence? It comes from my upbringing, it comes from watching how others lived their lives. We struggle, we make do, we accept out lot in life.

But what if we all looked after ourselves, treated ourselves to things we deserve.
We do deserve things, we’re worthy. Wouldn’t we all be happier? More relaxed? Wouldn’t it make the struggling times worthwhile?
I like the way I’m beginning to think! It sounds good, right?
we do deserve it

I’ve had 2 spa massage/facial vouchers since Christmas, they were gifts and I haven’t used them yet. Why? Well several reasons but the main one is I don’t feel like I should. I feel like I don’t deserve the break. I  have to be here all the time working and doing for my family because that’s what you to. It’s dumb, I know but it’s hard to break free from. I work hard and I work long hours, this parenting thing has very little in the way of job satisfaction. Of course we love it and of course we see the fruits of our labours but it never ends and there’s always another problem and complaint and whiny child waiting in the wings to drag you back down to the pit of hell. Just when you think things are going wonderfully, you’re back to square one. So what’s my point? I don’t really know, I guess it’s that we do deserve to have an hour off here and there to get our nails done or our hair or have a well deserved massage, go out to lunch, spend the money. Don’t waste it, but use it to make your life happier and better. That’s something I am still working on but it’s important. You can’t take it with you and you shouldn’t deny yourself to pass it on the the kids. They need to get their own.

So I’m going this week to get myself massaged, maybe even twice, oooh I feel so rebellious!  I am slowly changing my ways. Oh don’t worry, I will have the guilt but I’ll work through it while they’re rubbing scented oil into my back as I listen to relaxing asian music….

Do you feel like this? Do you have issues with having time to yourself? Tell me about it, so I know I’m not the only crazy one…

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  1. It is hard to give yourself a break. I had a mani/pedi a couple months ago. It was such an awesome day, and having that pretty little design on my toes. Such a little thing, but it really was a boost in my morale.

  2. Yes, it’s so important to take care of ourselves, and yet I find myself neglecting my body and mind. I hope you can get the cheaper rate with the Groupon anyway! Self-love is necessary.

  3. I agree with you. I’ve known of this even before I read your article. Despite this, I have not treated myself to any of the girly-stuff. I always have this quilt feeling, thinking that my kids are left in the care of someone else while I’m pampering myself.Anyway, I hopping over from linking with my ladies blog hop..I’d love to hear from you..

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