We’re in Hurricane Lockdown

We’re here, still waiting on Hurricane Sandy.

School was cancelled, so it was a lazy morning. An extended weekend.

The announcement has just gone out that there will be no school tomorrow either!

The winds are really starting to really pick up but we’re still waiting for any significant rain….Sandy is still 2 hours off the coast.

We’re keeping the tv on to stay updated…


We got to sleep in……like Sunday morning all over again πŸ™‚


Grand Master D is getting extended youtube time today….. He better get his homework done…


Don’t worry….. we have sustenance πŸ™‚ ………………and I baked!


Sir Lickalot goes between checking out the current terrace situation….. Where he seems to LOVE the winds…..

To complete indifference……………


Miss Gremlin has resorted to building a cubby……


She’s snavelled my ipad and is tucked up watching netflix. She’s good as long as there’s power πŸ™‚


The Princess is hunkered down in her apartment with her friends….. but she’s ready for anything


The King is continuing to work, the show must go on… at least until the power goes out.


I’m a little worried about the neighbour’s playhouse…. They don’t seem to have done much weatherproofing. If you find it….. it belongs in Harlem πŸ™‚


So this is what we’re doing….. How are you all coping with Sandy?

I’d love to see some pics..

Stay Safe and stay inside!


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  1. Sorry, no pics, but keeping an eye on the large oak trees swaying by my house. I am letting my boys overdose on video games and computer time because we know it’s just a matter of time before we lose power. The good news is that I got to Dunkin Donuts earlier to bring home iced teas for myself and my husband and donuts for the boys. Everyone is still smiling at the moment.:)

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