We’re Done with Guns

I don’t like to get political but I am extremely saddened and angry today and I need to say this:

In the wake of the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting, real questions need to be asked about what America is doing about gun violence. How many mass shootings by psychotic people will it take for the Government to get tough on gun control. Hundreds of innocent people have lost their lives while nothing changes. When you can’t go to school, college, shopping in a mall and now to the movies without the possibility of dying, then you have a society in trouble. And make no mistake America is in trouble.

I fail to understand the necessity for people to arm themselves with military assault weapons. We live in a civilised democracy, apparently, however there are huge movements here, NRA and other Gun Lobbyists who believe the most important thing ever is the right to bear arms. They spend millions upon millions fighting for the Right To Bear Arms.What about the right to be safe? In today’s society there is no room for this. We don’t need guns in every household. We live in a different society to that of the writers of the Constitution. They put those things in the document as security against King George 111 coming to reclaim the country he lost.Those people were fighting for their freedom. There was a cause and life in a frontier America was difficult.

Fast forward 200 years and  unfortunately we now live in a society where violence is an entertainment device. Some video games on the market are extremely realistic and glorify death and killing. Our young people are bored, desensitized to the violence and some misfits decide to act on the feelings they get when they ‘blow someone away’.

On any given night in our neighbourhood, some idiot is out shooting hand guns, kids as young as 13 years old are involved in this. A few months ago we had kids shooting in broad daylight down busy streets and outside our kids school. This has to be stopped.

We don’t live in Afghanistan or Syria… We live in the United States of America, the supposed leader of the world! How can this be allowed? Every time it happens is more tragic than the last, not because of the loss of life but because nothing has changed. These lives lost should not be in vain.

We are all responsible for this because we don’t demand something be done. Something MUST be done. ‘Evil will prevail when good men do nothing’.  We need a voice. This must change or our society will spiral down into lawless anarchy.  I don’t want to live in a place where fear is part of every day life, where a simple outing to the movies can end in death at the hand of an armed gunman. No one should have to live like that.

In the days and weeks ahead it will come out that James Holmes was a troubled man. There will be clues that he was planning this for some time, his friends will say he was odd and they’re not surprised. There may even be posts on facebook alluding to his plans. But he still managed to carry it out, no one saw the warning signs or maybe they thought he wouldn’t really carry it though.

We’re sleeping on the job, more vigilance is required. It’s time to rethink the gun thing and act upon it, we must insist lawmakers do this before more innocent people lose their lives for naught.

End of Rant 🙂

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